June 16th, 2005


And So It Begins!

I left the house around the 9:00 hour to start picking up job applications; of cores most of the places where I wanted to apply weren’t open yet. So I ended up bumming around south Fargo whating for some of the local businesses to open, this took until about 10:00. That left plenty of time for window shopping and thinking about story ideas.
During this time or maybe while I was in the car with my mom two of the story ideas started to merge together; its times like this that I am glad that I lost my original notes, because the combination of these two ideas literally turns the world of the first story on its head.
So now I have to check on my Neopet, Flora6, walk home, clean the bathrooms, mow the lawn, fill out job applications, write down the revised story idea, and hope that mom doesn’t pull any more work out of the clear blue sky.