June 17th, 2005


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I have finally turned in my job applications, now for the hard part. I have to whate (sp) and find out wheatear or not I will be excepted at one of the places where I applied.

Yesterday my little sisters in trusted me with the care of her pet hermit crab,well she is away for traveling soccer, so far I haven’t killed it. In fact I have been bonding with it and its kind of cute. Hum maybe I should go ahead and get my self some hermit crabs?

Mom left a list of chores for me to do today and over the weekend. Ideally I would be able to spend this time staying up late, oding on cartoons, reading, writing, and enjoying a few lazy days. However I am going to get payed (sp) if I do the work and I really want a new laptop. Besides, mom disserves to come home to a clean house after my sisters soccer tournament.

I have also discovered further proof that I desperately need a social life. To day I named the spider that has taken up residency in my room Toboe, after the character on Wolf’s Rain, and I have started talking to him.
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