June 19th, 2005


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Well its my last day home alone with my brother and I am going to miss the privacy, unrestricted use of the computer, and the ability to crank up the radios just as lode as they can go. My brother is at work or out with his friends most of the time and he has his own computer. So non of this bugs him plus when he is home he has a tendency to crank up the radio as well.Right now my only regret is that I don’t have any enough money to contribute to Public Radio and support my favorite radio show, a Prairie Home Companion.

Yesterday I had a chants to spend time with my brother. We went out to eat and tried to make small talk, for the most part it was very pitiful but at least we tried.

And I am pleased to report the hermit Crab, Yuki, is still alive. I think that I have finally found the perfect pet! I have killed all of my pet fish except one, that one just wouldn’t die even if I failed to take proper care of it, or so it seems. But with Yuki all I have to do is feed him, keep his home clean and most. I think that I will have at least three of these little guys when I get my own place.
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