June 20th, 2005


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I was gonging to walk to Colvers to day and find out how the job application process was going. That was before it started raining cats and dogs out side, there is also thunder and lightning and probably some hail as well. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time my brother I will call him, Night_Wolf. Had just finished mowing the lawn and now one of us is going to have to mow it again.
Today my sisters I will call her, Lightning_Mouse, is suppose to becoming home from her soccer games in Rochester Minnesota; but I wouldn’t be surprised if she don’t come back just yet do to bad weather, some how I don’t think that mom and dad with be willing to drive in this but I could be wrong.
Last night Night_Wolf went out to spend time with some of his friends and came back around midnight. Mean while at 11:00 I was afraid that he might be doing something that he would regret or that he had a girl in bed with him again. He had a girl in his bed on Sunday night, thankfully both Night_Wolf and the girl where both wearing all of their clothing. Now if only I could get the image of Night_Wolf sleeping with a girl who he isn’t married to out of my mind.
On another note I am going to be very pleased to show Lightning_Mouse that I have managed to keep her hermit crab alive for the duration of her soccer games, I wonder if she will let me keep him a little longer?
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