June 22nd, 2005


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Today mom and dad have had the computer set up so that they can monitor my online activities, talk about annoying . At this point it seems that my only salvation is that they don’t know any of my screen names. Mom asked me what my screen name was on a particular web site once; I told her that that information is componential and she didn’t nag or anything. But I still don’t think she had any business asking me that kind of question, after all the last person that I want to have information like that is my mom.
I have started lessoning to a set of CD’s called Every Thing You’ve Been Thought Is Wrong , it is the single most interesting set of leaters (sp) on history that I have ever heard. I just hope that all of the information on the CD’s holds water; not only because this same author wrought another book that I want to read called Lies My Teacher Told me, but also because if history is really this interesting I want to learn as much as I can.
Mom has finally excepted the fact that I actually know some things about cable modems, like that some times you have to ticker with them when you can’t get online. However both her and dad are still paranoid about the web sits that I frequent , mom went as far as to say that I am addicted to these sites (ok those aren’t her exact words, but you get the idea).
Last night I decided to start fleshing out some of the countries for my fictitious world, that when I found out how hard it was going to be. A cutler can’t be created out of thin air, it just don’t work that way. So now I am going to be researching East Cost Native Americans, so that one of the cultural groups can be formed and after that I have to figer (sp) out what the basses for the other five existing cutlers are going to be. I am probably going to add more cultural groups as the world grows and changes, I just hope that I can keep my sanity in tacked though this process.
In other news, my first job interview ever is going to be tomorrow at 2:00. I am hoping that everything goes well and that I am able to get the job. Not only because I need a brake from my family, but also because I want to work and earn money to put towards a new laptop. Having my own computer is going to make organizing and doing research for my fantasy world a lot easer and I will not have to worry about mom and dad spazing (sp) every time that its hard to get online.
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