June 23rd, 2005


My First Job Interview!

Go ahead call me over competent, but I think that I am going to get the job at Colvers. The interview when very well I managed to keep my answers short, I did studier a little but I kept that to a minimum. Now I just have to what until next week when I will be contacted by the person who interviewed me, if she don’t contact me I am going to call her on Thursday and ask how things went.

My mom, I will call her Cuntrol_Freek, and Lightning_Mouse are going out of town tomarow, I think its for a soccer game. That means that I will be at home with my brother Night_Wolf and my dad, I will call him Grease_Monkey, he has a way of coming up with projects and drawing them out over a very long peroed of time. Most notably an old truck that he has been working on for severl years now, one day it will be made impliedly out of fiber glass.

The tree of us home alone is always a frightening image, for one thing its extremely likely that dishes will be left to pile up in the sink, and the house probably will not be properly cleaned while Cuntrol_Freek and Lightning_Mouse are away. Oh well that’s what happens when you leave a man and two young adults in charge of the house for the weekend.
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