June 27th, 2005


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As you can see I have been experimenting with backgrounds and layouts again, what can I say its kind of fun.

Control_Freak and Lightning_Mouse came home a little after 10:00 last night, while I was trying to sleep. Lightning_Mouse also brought a friend home.

Anyway fast-forward to this morning, its around 8:30 I have already dragged myself out of bed, fed Yuki (The hermit crab) and had breakfast. I am playing on http://www.neopets.com on the computer and mom decides that I should mow the front yard, so I finish what I am doing and start out to mow the lawn. I don’t get very far before she starts going on and on about how if I had cleaned the kitchen while she was away I could have made more money to go towards my gold.

of cores I am frustrated by this because not only have I done almost everything that she wanted me to while she was away with Lightning_Mouse for soccer, but also because the lawn isn’t going to mow its self!

Control_Freak seems to be of the opinion that I shouldn’t expect any help from Greece_Monkey when he is on call or from Night_Wolf either. Sure they are both employed and all, however I can’t do everything and I would be very grateful if both of them would do more around the house especially when Control_Freak isn’t home. But what can women truly expect from men? I mean some of them are very hard working and responsible not only when they are at work but also when they are at home, however it seems like the men in my family are only hard working when they are at work. For them coming home seems to be some kind of a vacation with very few responsibilities, including ones related to the family.

Which brings me to another point, most of the time when the parents don’t take an active interest in the lives of their children or set a good example for them, this is especially true in the case of fathers. The children tend to look for love and expectance among their peers and some time with older adults, this isn’t always a bad thing. However some times if not most of the time it can be a very bad thing. Young girls can lose their virginity and end up thinking that sex = love and young men can become just as messed up because they don’t have a strong male roll model to look up to and learn from.

Its no wonder that I caught Night_Wolf taking a nap with a girl a little while ago, Control_Freak and Grease_Monkey both just amused that Night_Wolf, Lightning_Mouse, and myself would never even think about doing anything like that. The truth is that things like that seem to be relatively expectable with in American culture and someone has to provide roll models and examples for the youth so that they will not follow possibly destructive cultural trends.

For crying out loud as a society what are we telling our youth? Condoms are provided though some collage heath centers, the pill and other methods of preventing pregnancy are also readily available. The answer to this question is very simple ‘you can’t control your hormones so as a society we will provide you with a way out of with little if no responsibilities at all.’

But at the same time we are also teaching the youth about sexually transmuted diseases. If American youth aren’t among the most confused in the world I will be very surprised.

As for myself I think I would be completely lost with out my friends, they provide me with a lot of the support that I don’t always get at home and when I need someone to talk to I can usually depend on one of them to be there for me.We talk about everything from family issue to anime and our other hobbies, this would be one example of how turning to your peers can be very positive and trust me I don’t know what I would do with out my small cercal of friends.
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