June 29th, 2005


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Well here I am online, sitting by the phone and playing games, whating for a phone call form Colvers. If they don’t call today I am going to stop by on my way to the library. I hope that I get this job, I have been praying about it and looking forward to being able to surve the community and get some time away from Control_Freak and everyone else. Pulse I really want my own lap top, it will make working on my stories so much easier.

In other news, Control_Freak, Greece_Monkey , and Lightning_Mouse have gone on vacation leaving me and Night_Wolf home alone. It don’t get much better then this! For one thing Night_Wolf tends to spend a lot of time out with his friends, leaving me with the run of the house!

I can turn up the radio so that I can hear it all over the house! There is no compaction for the internet and I can check the message boards, visit anime sits, and play on NeoPets with out anyone asking me what I am or have been doing!

There are also some things that mom wants me to do, however I as going to have more then enough time to work on all of those things as well.
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