July 2nd, 2005


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Signs you might be obsessed with anime.

1. You know what farieoku (sp) is, how to use it, and wonder why you don’t have any.

2. You can name Monkey D. Lufy’s crew mats in the order that they joined his crew.

3. You deliberately go into a hunted house looking for you garden spirit and are disappointed when you don’t find him.

4. You travel to Japan hopping to meet the stars of your favorite anime only to find out that they are only cartoon characters.

5. You sympathies with Alfonse Elrick and go on a world wide quest to find the Philosophers stone.

6. When your losing a fight you make you hand look like a gun and yell “SPIRET GUN!” and then wonder why it didn’t work.

7. You have over 100 autographed posters and they are all anime related.

8. You are convinced that you have secret Mew Mew Powers and go looking for other people like you.

9. Your broke because you have bought all of the manga at your local books store just so you could compare the manga to you vast collection of anime.

10. When you where 10 you where convinced that Dragon Ball was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

11. Your best friend dies and your convents that he will come back from the dead, it worked on Yu Yu Hakusho.

12. You get cable TV just so you wont miss out on any of the anime.

13. You want to hurt someone who works for Cartoon Network because they are not bring in Naurto any time soon.

14. Pokiemon is the bane of your anime experience.

15. You wish that Digimon was only one season long.

16. Anime spin offs tend to make you sick, but some times you do find a gem amongst all of the clutter.

17. You are sick and tired of friend ship speeches.

18. You know what a Mamoto (sp) is and you want one.

19. You go to the pet store looking for a dog that resembles Plue and are disappointed when you don’t find one.

20. You know who the Big Butt Bandits are and wish that no one spent the time to come up with them.

21. You and your friends are looking for the rave stones so you can give them to Haru and his friends.

22. You commotion some one to make you a giant sword.

23. You make a giant sword.

24. You wonder why historical ninja’s didn’t use crackra (sp)

25. You run around hugging random boys (if you’re a girl) /girls (If you’re a boy) and wonder why non of them have turned into animals.

26. Your convinced that you brother is trying to take over or destroy the world.

27. You have pink or green hair.

28. You want to lead a double life just like Kagome!

29. You buy and orange cat and a gray rat and name them Kyo and Yuki.

30. You cry when your orange cat eats your gray rat.

31. You have memorized the names of every card form Card Cap Sakura, and are currently looking for all of them.

32. Your family is going one a trip to the mountains but you refuse to go because that is where Ryuukotsusei

33. Its your hearts desire that the characters on One peace all drowned together.

34. Your convinced that you have eaten Gum Gum fruit and are sent to the hospital after you tare the mussels in your arm as you stretch it beyond your physical limits.

35. You wonder why your in the hospital.

36. You can’t swim but you could live in a bout out at sea for the rest of your life.

37. You don’t know the first thing about navigation.

38. You believe that you’re the reincarnation of a powerful pretest and people actually believe you.

39. You actually know what I am talking about.