July 4th, 2005


The Figurate

Since I came home from Collage I found out that my family’s refrigerator has been leaking. What’s even more annoying is that no one has called a repair man, I think this is because Control_Freal wants to what

until the refrigerator wears out or something.
Now I have hear of being thrift and all, how ever when something is broke you fix it! Some times my Control_Freak’s logic completely escapes me.

And of cores Greece_Monkey seems to be completely oblivious to this development. So I will sit back whating for the day when he steps in a puddle of water near the refrigerator.

OH NO I just had a terrible though, what if the refrigerator where to over flow when only Greece_Monkey was home! Would be willing to sit down next to the refrigerator with only a small container and the turkey bester and slowly remove all of the excess water?!

When it comes to helping out around the house Greece_Monkey normally gets an F-. Of cores he seems to be on call most of the time and when he isn’t on call he is normally very tired and or erectable.

So where did all of this come from? Well as I was heading out to the garage so I could finish mowing the back yard, when I stepped in a puddle of water and got one of my socks very wet. As it turned out the refrigerator was leaking again, so I had to find a small container to put the water in and the turkey bester to extract the water. This didn’t take me very long, however I would prefer if no one had to do it at all.

Lightning_Mouse doesn’t think that having to remove the excess water from the refrigerator is a big deal. I think both her and Control_Freak are crazy. But who am I to judge, I am just one of those people who likes to eliminate unnecessary work.

So far I don’t kown how Night_Wolf feels about this situation, however he probably doesn’t spend enough time at home to be effected by it nearly as much as the rest of us are.
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