July 17th, 2005


Instant Headache Just Add Water

Its just another Sunday and I have nothing better to do then polish the poetic map that will be appearing in a book I hope to write some day.
At this point any one who thinks that a first draft of a poem or any thing else is expectable should leave this Journal now. Writing is a labor of love that demands hours of dedication and devotion and a writer should try to practest (sp) his craft at least once a day.

Anyway this is what my poetic map looks like so far.

When the grate disk walks with the bear
And the sky burns, set a course for a land
where gold and silver abound.

From there the eye of the serpent shall
be your guide to rolling hills and dragons teeth.
Keep the twins before you even as the earth sinks.

Dragons teeth shale block your way and lead
you to the door of the moon. From there you will
be plunged into the land of life and death.

The spices of doom shall rise up and if you live
to see the other side a band of fire shale be your
Reword. And beyond all of this lay your goal

With in the land of the sun and green water
Where the ruins of days nearly forgotten
Hold that which must be distorted.

Follow the dragons teeth to the moons door
There continue on to the land of the sun and
green water With in this land you shall find a
single tower amongst the ruins of days nearly
forgotten and with in the tower you
shall find that which might be destroyed

© Kathleen J. Storm Sunday, July 17, 2005
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