July 20th, 2005


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There are times when I wonder how it’s possible for Control_Freak to be such a such pain in the ass when ever the house is out of order. Honestly to day I couldn’t even get one job done before she would pounce on me with another job, I couldn’t even sit down for less then an hour to watch So You Think You Can Dance on ABC. No I had to water the plants out side, I am really starting to hate that job.

Plus Lightning_Mouse hurt her knees at soccer camp, I do sympathies with her after all my knees are all messed up as well. However Control_Freak clams that because of her injury she can’t water her own garden or play soccer. Not playing soccer I can understand, however not being able to tack care of her own garden, I am sorry after having to walk when I am in pain I have little to no understanding of why she couldn’t do this.

Maybe I am being a little hard on my mom and sister, but some times the best thing to do about these things is to write and maybe talk to someone, because otherwise all of the negative energy builds up and eventually explodes out at all of the wrong times and places.
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