July 22nd, 2005


Just Another Day

To day started off like any other day, at least any other day when mom though the house was a pigsty. I would love to tell her that pigs are very clean animals, but so far I have held my tong on that mater.

this time mom wasn’t asking me to help her clean for no reason, we have company coming in a few days so the house has to be clean.

Anyway I had to clean all of the bathrooms, dust, and do some other odd jobs. Thankfully I also made $30 doing it, no I just need who knows how much money for a laptop.

I am also finding out exactly how long it takes to save up for a paint brush on NeoPets. As far as I can tell its going to take me at lest a year or maybe two if I don’t want to drain my NeoPoints right away.

So far the 6th Harry Potter book is slow and trying, but then again so was the 1st books. Bast on that the book will probably only get better after all Lord Voldermort and his supporters are back in business now.


One of the Wesley’s is going to be getting married unless one of them ends up dieing or getting cold feet or something else comes up.
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