July 24th, 2005



To day Control_Freak has finally gone to fare, she seems to have put me on a diet just because she thinks I should lose some wate (sp). Excuse me am not over wate! The reason that I think she is doing this is simple, this after noon I asked for two eggs for brunch ( I didn’t have any briefest to day)All that she let me have was one egg, two peaces of toast, a small peace of ham, and a small bowl of watermelon. Yes I am still hungry and plan on raiding the kitchen later today.

She also asked Lightning_Mouse to eat some ham because her brain isn’t working correctly, so I asked if ham had anything to do with brain functions (after all carrots are suppose to be good for your eyes and bananas have potassium). Control_Freak admitted that her reasoning had nothing to do with science at all, take about annoying.

Anyway I have to make like a bird and fly, there is no privacy in this house. Seriously Control_Freak has already opened the door on me once already while I was working on this entry. So I am off to my hobit hole to read Harry Potter and wonder why things are the way they are in my family.
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