July 26th, 2005


Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince!

After reading the book this morning I am no convinced beyond a shadow of a dough that I know exactly who the Half Blood Prince is! (There will be no spoolers conserving this tidbit of information)
However I found out that Voldamort is as brilliant as he is foolish, at least that is my opinion, Lightning_Mouse (my little sisters) just thinks that Voldamort is brilliant.
This book dives into some very interesting aspects of Voldamort’s past this has to be one of the most interesting aspects of the entire book! (Oh I want to say more but it seems that my only regular reader would do would make me regret doing so.)
Anyway I had better finish reading the book some time today, before Control_Freak starts getting impatient with me. Like me and most of my family she is a fan of the Harry Potter books and is looking forward to the seventh book as well.
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