July 27th, 2005


Just Another Day.

I seeped in until about 11:30 this morning! That might be related to the fact that I stayed up late to watch Friends, ok so over the cores of time I have found out why most of the girls I met in collage like it so much. Anyway I started reading the original French story Beauty and the Beast . Although the story is very well written I must say that so far I am a little deposited with the tale.
Mom and dad have also seen to it that I understand that I might not be able to go back to collage this fall depending on what the board of Academic Appeals at MSUM thinks about my circumstances last semester.
In other news I have finished Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince, and once again I managed to guess wrong on just about everything including the identity of the Half Blood Prince. However this was clearly the darkest of the 6 books so far and there is only one thing that I know for sure, however I am going to save that for the reader to discover for him or herself.
Also the weather is being very erratic, one minuet it was raining cats and dogs and then with in a few minuets it cleared up as if buckets of horizontal rain hadn’t been dumped on Fargo Moorhead. and now the sun is out so it should start raining again any moment now.
So anyway I am off to call a friend of mine about seeing The Fantastic 4 some time either tonight or tomorrow. I would prefer to go on Friday or the weekend, but relatives are coming on Friday and Lighting_Mouse has a soccer game this weekend so I am a little tied up as it is.
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