August 6th, 2005


Family Vacation

Some people go on vacations to relax, but my family seems to have other reasons for doing so. What are my family’s reasons for going on vacation, believe me I wish that I new.

This time around we went to Bismarck ND to visit relatives. I think it went fairly well Lighting_Mouse has started chewing gum, ok so she smacks gum, loudly and Control_Freak don’t understand why I am annoyed by this!

Dad had to talk about politics almost the entire way to Bismarck and Control_Freak and the rest of us had to lesson to this for hours on end. Night_Wolf had to stay home and work so in a way he might have been the lucky one. Except for the fact that he injured his foot, thankfully Control_Freak made him get a pare of steal toed shoes. Night_Wolf works in construction so steal toed shoes are very practical if not necessary.

Yester day we all went to the Medora Musical, grandma was desperately trying not to be a burdened for the rest of us, the problem was that by trying not to be a burdened she became a burdened. I still love my grandma and am looking forward to starting my mager in gerontology but all the same, its hard to be around her some times.
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