August 7th, 2005



My mom seems to think that the Chaotic and Lutheran churches are equal, no offence to all of you Lutherans out there, but I see things a little differently. After all the Lutheran church is one of the many splinter groups that broke off from the Catholic church over the years.

So what does this have to do with anything? This morning Control_Freak tried to make me go to a Lutheran serves with her, Greece_Monkey, Night_Wolf , and Lightning_Mouse, she then went on to say that we might not be going to Church this afternoon. That last comment was the straw that broke the camels back or rather made the camel upset, every member of my family except for Greece_Monkey is Catholic, he is Lutheran or maybe its more appropriate to say that we are all Christian.

Either way there are some big differences between the Catholic and Lutheran churches, for one thing the Lutheran church don’t have Holly Communion every day and the Catholic church dose (well there are some exceptions to this, like Good Friday at least I think that’s right)

Anyway for the first time in my life I am trying to figure out where I stand as a catholic. I love my family, but I also know that I am suppose to love God and follow his law as stated in the Ten Commandments and follow church teachings. I jut feel so torn up, I am trying to understand how my mom can think that going to a Lutheran serves can fulfill the need to reseve (sp) Jesus in Holly Communion and draw closer to him.

From my point of view the Lutheran church is ok, most of my family is eatjer Lutheran or Catholic and my Grandpa Storm is a Lutheran minister. However I was raised semi catholic, I say that because Control_Freak always seemed more interested in the social aspects of religion and less interested in the spiritual aspects. As for me I am interested in both the spiritual and the social aspects of religions as well, but I wonder if I don’t understand the importance of the spiritual aspects of going to church more then my mom does.

Anyway Control_Freak and the others let me stay at home with out making a big deal out of it, however I am kind of expecting a very long talk with Control_Freak when everyone comes back home.

I haven’t been this confused in a very long time, its also the first time that I have openly told mom that I don’t want to go to a Lutheran serves if it means that she isn’t going to take me to a catholic mass latter in the day. Why do things have to be so hard some times, I know Jesus’ never said things where going to be essay, but at the moment I wish that things could be just a little essayer then they are.
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