August 13th, 2005


A Lot Of Things

Ok for one thing the head of the family is planning something, but what ever it is its not revealed in volume 10.

Also we find out who the boy in the hat from earlier in the manga is.

Other then that I am going to keep my big mouth shut, after all most of the people who read my live journal would probably do very bad things to me if I gave to much away.

I have also become active on yet another message board! Gaia I am currently working on my avatar when I am done I will either have a cat girl or a fox. One Gaia I am known as HarlequinDragon, because every other aisles that I normally use or tried to use was taken.

Anyway I am still suffering from writers block and am in need of some inspiration or something so if anyone knows how I can brake this streak pleas send along your advice it will be put to good use.
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