August 14th, 2005


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Lightning_Mouse is starting to understand exactly how controlling Control_Freak can be. Seriously my little sisters eating disorder has opened her eyes, forinstence (sp) Control_Freack is under the impreshion that my little sister needs carbohydrates and a lot of them. Well this would be just fine if Controle_Freak would also acknowledge that Lighting_Mouse also needs protean and some other things in her diet.

Lighting_Mouse is also the athletic member of the family and she wants to participate in cross-country, how ever Control_Freak seems to think that’s a bad idea and according to Lightning_Mouse Control_Freak made her do all kind of things before she was allowed to go out for cross-country . Why is this? Does Control_Freak feel threatened by the fact that one of her children wants to participate in a sport that she hasn’t recommended? Or is it a combination between my sisters eating disorder and Control_Freak’s desire to control things?

On another note nither Control_Freak or Greece_Monkey seem to know very much about their own children. They keep forgetting that I don’t like potatoes or that that Lightning_Mouse don’t like Peanut butter. I wonder if they even remember that Night_Wolf don’t like grapes. Eather way I am very disappointed by this, ture I can’t expect my parents to remember every thing, however after 23 years I would think that they would have learned something about one of their children and remembered it!

Also the members of my family almost never sit and talk about anything besides politics or the stock market! Personally I would like to take to Lightning_Mouse about soccer or something that matters to her, I would to take to Night_Wolf about things that interest him or cars or something. But no Greece_Monkey always has to direct the conversation towards politics and he hardly lets anyone else get a word in, while he rabbles on and on for hours and hours on end!

Some times this don’t even feel like I belong to a properly functioning family and that my real family, the family that knows and understands me is made up of a few close friends. Now that is just depressing, I would prefer if my family new me and what my hopes and dreams are.

Also against my better judgment I am probably going to be living at home or near home for a few years. I will only be doing this because I want to be there for Lightning_Mouse as she works though her eating disorder and deals with Control_Freak as well. After all even though I might go nuts trying to keep up with Control_Freak and the rest of my semi-functional family I want to be there for Lightning_Mouse when she needs someone to take to.
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