August 25th, 2005



Well to day I found out that I am still a moderat (sp) thank goodness for that I have no intention of leaning to far towards the conservative or liberal end of the political spectrum. I am glad to say that there is only one flaming radical in the class, so for the most part the class discussions should be some what constructive. But fist and foremost I am Catholic and I intend to approach this class as a Catholic and the same goes for when I finally get a job in a nursing home.

Yesterday I had to box fries at work, its not as easy as it looks, for one thing the boxes have to be completely full or else someone else will top them off. That happened to me a lot yesterday, but I can’t complain my manager is a nice guy and my co-workers are also nice people. I just can’t what until I can go back to cleaning the dining room and cleaning the lot.
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