August 27th, 2005


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Lightning_Mouse came in first place at her cross country meet to day! I am so proud of her! Now all that she has to do is start eating more and acknowledge that not all physical pain is good.

Night_Wolf moved into the dormitory at St. Johns yesterday, its going to be strange and eerily quiet with out him at home. But at least he knows why he is in collage, I am purity sure he is pursuing a political scenic manger.

I helped some of my neighbors who are moving to another part of Fargo to clean their house today, that house was dust bunny central. I also encountered the messiest bathroom that I have ever seen in my life!

I have been keeping up with the news for the past few days and I can only wonder how some of the things that I have read even get into the paper. But I have mostly been reading the Fargo Forum so I shouldn’t be to surprised at the quality of news that I have come across so far. I wouldn’t be reading the Forum so much, but my teacher loves that paper and always asks the class what was on the front page so at least I am on top of things for class.
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