September 12th, 2005


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Grandma, I will call her Bird_Women4.0, is coming over today! So I am not going to be online for very long after work to day if at all. I love it when Bird_Women4.0 comes over and when I go to see her on the farm. But I don’t think she is going to be practically happy about this visit. My ant, I will call her Golfer_362, wants Bird_Women4.0 to look at some condos in St. Cloud MN. So Bird_Women4.0 is probably going to spend most of her visit complaining about that, so its probably going to be a very long visit.

Yester day I spent some time working on the poetic map for my book, I think this might take me a few years or months. But when its done it will be good, at least it had better be good. Oh well I should try to be a little more confident about my work.
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