September 17th, 2005


My Family And My Writing

To day I told Bird_Women4.0 that I am involved in a pro-life organization and about the research I have to do in order to compare the holocaust and violent against blacks to abortion. Then she went and told me the usual, abortion is between a women and her doctor. Good grief what kind of Catholic family do I come from!

At least Control_Freak knows that the pro-life cose (sp) means a lot to me and that I don’t just go to the meeting to talk with other people. But so far she hasn’t commented on anything or asked about what we do at our meetings so I don’t know what she thinks of it or anything.

I am also hard at work on the map.

When the grate disk walks with the bear
And the sky burns, set a course for a land
where gold and silver abound. The serpents eye
shall lead the way to the panted caldron.

((Add something))

With in the land of the sun and green water
Where the ruins of days nearly forgotten
Hold that which must be distorted.

Follow the dragons teeth to the moons door
There continue on to the land of the sun and
green water With in this land you shall find a
single tower amongst the ruins of days nearly
forgotten and with in the tower you
shall find that which might be destroyed

Now I just have to put something into that gaping hold of death! Well if writing was easy a writer would be born ever 20 minets.
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