September 20th, 2005


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Mom took me shopping for my sister’s birth day this morning and I picked out the cutest pare of pajamas with monkeys on them. How ever the fact that I like them almost guarantees that she will not like them at all! Aaaaaaaaaaa! Me and Lightning_Mouse have very little in common. She is makeup and fashion and I am gaming and cartoons! Ep how on earth did mom and dad end up with to girl who are so different? Easy they just did, I just wish that I had more in common with my sister. What I don’t understand is why she don’t even watch cartoons, ok so there aren’t that many good ones on the ABC soup channels, but still! Oh well different strokes for different folks.

Recently I started volunteering at the Presentation Convent and I absolutely love it there! The nuns are some of the nieces’ people that I have ever met and they appreciate everything that I do for them.
I just hope that sister Georgiana will hire me again after I get my 15 hours of volunteer work, I would work for them even if I wasn’t getting paided, however the extra money to put towards a laptop and text books would be nice, plus there are some computer games that I would like to get, not to mention volumes 8 – 11 of Fruits Basket and 12 – 18 when they come out in America.

I am also thinking about getting a BSW in social work to complement my possible gerontology major. I am not sure if I want a BSW, however the degree could come in handy and if I am not able to get a job in gerontology I will have something else to fall back on and there is nothing wrong with having a safety net or two after collage graduation. Anyway I had better get going I know of one person who is probably going to be upset if she has to drag me out of the computer lab again for our meeting.
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