September 23rd, 2005


It's My Life

Mom has decided that I will only be able to use the computer at home for one hour tonight, so now I really have to buckle down and show her how serious I am about passing the social work class. I just hope that I am able to relocate my lost motivation well enough to do that tonight and over the weekend.

In other news the manager that I like was working at Arbys today and I discovered that one of my fellow employees is very cute! But hay I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t find the opposite sex attractive and besides I am to shy to talk to him.

I am going to be volunteering for the nuns again to day and I hope that once I am done with collage that I will be able to work for them full time. I always feel so happy and a peace when I am working with them. There is just something about them, I can’t explain it but it fills me with the desire to serve and be around them.
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