September 26th, 2005


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Well as annoyed as I am to admit it some good has actually come out of being kicked off of the computer. for one thing I have had more time to work on the map and I spent more time with grandma yester day and this morning. Secondly the map seems to be coming along nicely!

And according to my grandma my uncle B (I haven’t’ come up with an alias for him) might be able to help me to get a laptop cheaper then I could at Best Buy, I am going to be asking him about this over thanks giving.

Anyway for those of you who have been whating (sp) for it here it is the new and improved draft of the map! There still a lot of bugs, but I think that its starting to get better and better! I just can’t what until it done and I can start working on other aspects of the book!

The Map

When the grate disk walks with the bear
And the sky burns, set a course for a land
where gold and silver abound. There seek the
serpents eye, the serpents eye shall lead the
Way to the panted caldron.

With in the panted caldron the dragon
Will strike, twisting all. Seek the light
and tortoise shells in the land of the white

As the ribbon twist in to the wall
so must you. In this place the moons
door will open on to you and though
you into the mouth of the beast and
the wings of the dove.

continue on to the land of the sun and
green water With in this land you shall find a
single tower amongst the ruins of days nearly
forgotten and with in the tower you
shall find that which might be destroyed
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