October 5th, 2005


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My mom is going to give me a coronary! http://www.dh.gov.uk/PolicyAndGuidance/HealthAndSocialCareTopics/CoronaryHeartDisease/fs/en

Yesterday she decided that I can only be on the computer if I sit under my light and then she insisted that the light went in the most abnoties (sp) space so that it shines right in my left eye! Furthermore she refused to leave the room until I did every thing exactly the way that she wanted me to! I was so mad at her that I said some things that I regret, well up to a serten point. That woman is so infuriating and she can’t take a hint! And now she is trying to metal in the way that I study! She wants me to sit at my desk; I told her that I tend to hurt my back when I study at a desk, some how I don’t think that she understood me. I know that she means well but she makes me so mad, I just want to punch something, but a pillow wouldn’t provide me with enough satisfaction and I have no intention of hitting the wall and breaking the bones in my hand.

Anyway I plan on avoiding her for the rest of the day after my volunteer work is done, today I don’t mind the idea of eating alone if it means not having to put up with my mom. I just want some peace and quiet with out the therapy light shinning in my eyes so that I can get my homework and recreational activities done.

Anyway work has been going well, although I would rather be working full time at River View Place then wipe down one more table at Arbys. But I kind of need the money if I am going to buy my own lap top and this way I am able to take my self to work most of the time.
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