October 7th, 2005



What is it with collage students and drinking! I will admit that I drink, but not enough to land my self in the hospital! I just don’t understand the idea drinking yourself into a stat of inebriation doesn’t make you a better man or women, it only proves that you’re being extremely fooling!

So what brought on this rant? In the past week or so 5 collage students, I think all of them where men, got themselves so drunk that at least 2 died and the other 3 landed themselves in the hospital. So exactly what is it that motivates young people to binge drink? If I had the answers I would tell you, but as of yet I am still as clueless as most people in the USA or for that mater any where else in the world.

But even though I can’t explain this I think that part of the answer lies at home, but then don’t most things? Here in the USA we can drive a car when we are 16, go to war when we are 18, and drink legally when we are 21. If I am the only one who sees a problem with this please let me know. A 16 year old kid isn’t’ necessarily going to understand the responsibility that comes with driving a car and even worse is when these kids combed drinking with their driving!

At least some of the kids that I new in high school would talk about going to Canada where they could drink legally, that’s not so bad after all they weren’t breaking any laws. However, who knows how many kids and young adults drink illegally each year! In the paragraph before this I said that the answer lies at home, well it does. Some, if not most, parents aren’t teaching there children how to drink responsibly.

I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones; my parents allowed limited supervised drinking on special occasions, so thanks to them I not only developed a tasted for win but also respect for alcohol. If I have children I intend to do the same thing and hopefully I will also succeed in fostering a respect for alcohol in them.

Until such a day comes I can only hope and pray that more young people will develop a grater understanding of how dangerous alcohol is when taken in, in excess. It is my personal hope that I will not turn on the news for the next few months or for that mater years and see the face of another young man or women who had drunk themselves to death or had to be rushed to the hospital for a drinking related condition.
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