October 8th, 2005


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To day started off just like any other Saturday, I slepped in and watched Saturday morning cartoons. Then it was off to Sunmart for Collagens for Life only to find out that I was at the wrong place. So I rode my bike a few more blocks and across a few streets until I arrived at another Sunmart. I locked my bike to one of the benches out side and went inside. This time I found out that they where not expecting any one form CFL to do the contested baby contest

So then came the fun part, finding my way home! Yes even though I had accomplished this teak in a start line, I had gotten myself lost! So there I was in a part of Fargo that I was completely unfamiliar with near The Mighty 790 KFGO. I could have done any number of things at this moment, like panic until the sun went down, however that wasn’t an option I had to keep a cool head in order to find my way home.

With no idea of what to do next I just trusted myself and remembered the St. Jude is the patron St. of lost cosses and at that moment I felt like a lost cose. So I went on word trusting in God, St. Marry, and St. Jude to help me to find my way.Well God helps those who help themselves, knowing this lead me to ask just a bought every random person that I came across for directions. Thanks to the fact that I had put my trust in God just about every one that I came across was able to help me to find my way.

Soon I was back in familiar territory; by this time it had gotten so windy that it wasn’t long before I had to start walking my bike home. Now that I am home I can only think of one thing, crawling back into my bed for a few houers and watching a movie. Now if only I had a copy of Robots, I think its out on video by now.
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