October 9th, 2005



Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?

You're Kirara!
You're Kirara, known to those you watch the Viz dub
as Kilala. You don't talk much (actually,
Kirara doesn't talk at all), but you're
friendly and loyal. You're also brave and
frequently put yourself at risk to help your
friends. Did I mention that you're also cute?

A great, big, indepth, Inuyasha quiz
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Kaeko kaeko!
Keiko. Yusuke's girlfriend and exact oposite.

She's responsible, studious, into art films, and
constantly worries about Yusuke. This later
usually results in her getting in danger and
generally making the situation worse. Still,
she's very gradually making Yusuke a better
person (we all hope).

Let's all hope they get married and live a long
peaceful life together.

Discover which YuYu Hakusho character you are!
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Winry Rockbell

Which Fullmetal Alchemist Character are you?
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