October 12th, 2005


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Night_Wolf is coming home form collage today! So I have to help Control_Freak to clean house originally I though that she wanted me to do this after work, but as it turn out she wants me to get started right now. So I ended up getting in trouble when I got on line to find out if anyone else would be able to help with the cutest baby contest, I want to find out as soon as possible so that I will know if I will be able to go to Bismarck with Control_Freak instead. Lightning_Mouse has a cross-country meet there and it would give me the chants not only to see my grandma and grandpa Storm, but I would also be able to see some cable TV.

Control_Freak thinks that I am addicted to the internet, and here I am trying to tell her that I do my home work, she knows that I spend time with the family (I just have a very hard time connecting with any of them), I read books ( I am currently working on Les Miserables, my text book, and a book on writing), I am working at the local Arbys, doing volunteer work three days a week, working on one of my characters, and keeping up with some of my favorite shows. I will admit that I do tend to spend a lot of my time online and that I am not as neat and tidy as my mom (Control_Freak), but when she asks me to do something I usually do it and I try to be a good daughter.
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