October 16th, 2005


My Book

I have started work on the prolog to my book! So far the main villain, Jezebel looks just about as scandalous as she is evil. For those of you who don’t know she is based on the Jezebel form the first book of Kings in the Bible and originally I was going to call her Andreada. However the name Andreada now only clashed with the Hebrew naming pattern that I am using for her country of origin, but in part its also a made up name and doesn’t convey all of the connotations that I am hoping that my readers might pick up on.

But like all of my other characters the ego maniacal one, Jezebel still requires a lot of fleshing out. So between homework and everything else that I have to do I will be working on the prolog and fleshing out my cast and who knows more characters, I want the cast to stay small, might pop out of the wood work.
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