October 18th, 2005


A Lot Of Things

Well the good news is that I understood every thing that my professor was talking about to day, the bad news is that I have to finish chapter 8 tonight and have chapter 9 read for Thursday. Eeeeeeeeeek, while I kind of brought this on myself.

Other then that I have decided to add a character to the cast of Fairy Stone, a five year old werewolf named Raul. He will be traveling with my core group, Egon, Gavin, Jason, Celesta, and Bulma (her role is silent). I have been tossing Raul around in my head for a while now his age had a way of changing along with his name, but the one consistency was that he was a werewolf. So that solves the problem of the cute kid, although I do feel sorry for Jade now she will have to put up with Celesta age 16 and a 5 year old boy!

Silver Moonlight
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Anime Obsessed

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Yu Yu Hakusho
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