October 20th, 2005


One Of My Rants

Yesterday I looked at my paycheck more carefully then I normally do and found out that I am only making $ 6.00 and hour, I am currently living at home and my parents are taking care of most of my expensive so it’s not a big deal. However not all of my fellow employees aren’t living with their parents and might not have a safety net to fall back on. I know that a lot of them are probably making more then I am because they have been working there longer, at least I hope that’s how it works in the real world.

It’s just so frustrating to know that good people can give two hours of their lives or more, and have other responsibility, in my cases school, homework, and volunteers work. Compared to most of the people that I wok with I probably have the easy life after all, all that I am trying to do with this money is buy a new laptop, most of them are probably trying to make a living off of this job.

It just isn’t fare! I keep hearing my professor talking about things like the trica (sp) down theory of economics in with the rich are necessary to create jobs and such. She seems to insist that this form of economics always works! What is she cracked, granted she is a good teacher and I have learned a lot from her. I am willing to admit that some rich people do a lot for the poor, however I think it’s foolish to put your faith in one form of economics that depends solely on depending on a rich upper class!

The worced (sp) part is that many of the well fare programs available do not encourage people to become productive members of society! These same programs do provided some benefits like free medical care and such, but the programs don’t provide very much money. So while for the most part not encouraging people to work or expecting them to go back to school so that they can get a job, they are expected to live on next to nothing, keep an apartment, and do who knows what else. Don’t we all have a responsibility to help our nabers to help themselves!?

A minority of the poor are children who are living in a home headed by a female, who just because of her gender is going to make a lot less then a man who is doing the same job! All that I can ask myself is this, where is the trical down theory for these women and children? I know that the trical down theory has done some good; however it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I know that so many children are poor though no fault of their own and that they will probably inherit lives of poverty.

Some of the elderly are also poor though no fault of their own and I plan on working with the elderly when I am done with collage. These are the rezones why I am seriously considering double majoring in gerontology and social work. I see it as my Christian responsibility to do something about this.

Killing Time

So here I am killing time and taking random quizzes online and whating for CFL to start.


Sarcastic Fushigi Yuugi character selector
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You are Aura. You are calm, passive, intelligent,
person to quietly ponder in the background
while everyone else is fighting for their
lives. You do not like to utilize your powers
often, making you the weakest and most
vulnerable one out of the group. However, you
are extremely compassionate, and kind, so you
eventually gain friendships of those who the
world has left rejected...You have control over
the wind, and you can teleport and douse with a

If you had a personality disorder, it would be
Avoidance, and Anorexia Nervousa (EAT
SOMETHING!) Overall, you are a very caring
person, don't ever change

If you were a story character, what would your personality be like?
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Which Yu-Gi-Oh Couple Are You?

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??Which colour of Death is yours??
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