October 21st, 2005


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When I started my freshmen year at MSUM in 2001, my mom asked me to carry a cell phone so that we could stay in touch. It didn’t seem that bad at first, I would carry the cell phone and she would purity much leave me alone between classes and such. I would also meet my mom regularly on weekends and she would take me and my room mate to pick up groceries and both of us would go to my house at least once every two weeks to do laundry.

That part wasn’t to bad compared to another habit of my mom’s; she had this habit of calling me almost all of the time! It got so bad that I though I was going to have a nerves brake down. Here I was about 18 years old and living away from home for the first time and all that I wanted was for her to back off a little.

Well she finally started to back off after I got my RA to intervene, I told my ant about this and she thought it was a bight extreme. My ant clearly didn’t know what it’s like to be nearly driven to her wits end by a parent who isn’t ready to start letting go. So why am I bring this up now?

I just finished watching 20/20 one ABC, not necessarily the best sorce (sp) for news, however the story that they where doing on Helicopter Moms was very interesting. These are mom’s and dad’s who send their kids to collage with out cutting the apron strings. They do everything from organizing the lives of their children, to cleaning their apartments and some of them even call their kids until they wake up in the morning. Surprisingly the kids who had to deal with a Helicopter mom or dad didn’t seem to mind.

If my mom was trying to do most of those things I would go absently nuts! In fact if a good friend hadn’t helped me back in 2001, I do think that my mom would have become a fully fledged Helicopter mom. I just wish that parents in our society, and probably world wide, would come to understand one thing. They where put on earth to have and take care of their children and then to let go of them.

That’s not to say that parental involvement is a bad thing I enjoy spending time with my family, well most of the time. It is true that I have almost nothing in common with and we are not the most functional or healthy family that one would hope to find. But we tend to be there for one another when it counts, like when my little sister broke her leg or when my dad broke his arm, there was even the time when my Grandma B spent an entire summer with my family (she was having problems with her heart or something) so family is a good thing for me and for most people. The problem comes in when parents don’t cut the apron strings and learn how to back off a little.
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