October 29th, 2005


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Last night my mom made me go to the naberhood Halloween party, the same on that she had previously told me not to go to. The main part was held in someone’s garage, that part was kind of loud and annoying. So all I really did there was grebe something to eat and talk a little, after words I checked out the hunted house. The hunted house was so cool! For one thing I wasn’t scared out of my mind; I guess that going though with small children and feeling like I had to protect them helped a lot.

I ended up going home early because I kind of felt out of place, don’t get me wrong I like kids and most of my moms friends are cool and all. But I would have preferred if I would have been able to get to MSUM and help CFL to clean up the chock. However I was thinking of my mom who had the stomach flu, I wanted her to stay home and recover. But instead she went out; there are times when I just don’t understand her.

I have also been thinking about how I would make an animal sentient, I am really starting to get tired of the cursed fruit being the explanation of all of the wearied abilities on One Peace and the Human Human fruit that Tony Tony Chopper ate was the straw the broke the camels back! He is one of my favorit characters, however saying that a normal blue nosed reindeer only had to eat the Human Human fruit to become sentient is much even for me.

Anyway I have a test tomorrow so I have to get off line and do some studying, I realy want to pass this test so that I will not only bring up my GPA, but also be able to move back to campus in the fall of 2006. ^_^

You are... Earth. Grounded and down to earth, you
always have firm beliefs about things. You
love being outside, and peple always come to
you for advice. Naturally soft spoken, most
people would just think you shy. Smart and
kind, you attract people and animals with your
personality. Always level headed, people know
who to come to when they need someone to talk

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