October 30th, 2005



You're Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth!
You're very tough at times but can be childish
also. You're very determined and strong-willed

Which of the following Random anime characters are you? (WITH PICS)
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He'll be your knight in shining armor, who is
honorable and wise! (not sure about the
intelligence though...jk ^.^)

What Kind Of Boyfriend Will You Have? (Great Anime Pics!)
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Your Ally would be a griffin! These creatures have
the head, fore legs, and wings of an eagle. The
body and tail is that of a lion. Sometimes
depicted with horns and huge ears, the griffin
is a symbol of vigilance and strength. In Greek
mythology griffins belonged to Zeus, king of
the gods. The griffin is also known by the
names Gryphon, Gitto, and Griffith.

The reason your ally would be a griffin is because
your element is AIR. You may come off as being
a little gullible and kinda girly but your
actually not the type to brag about your inner
strength. You would enjoy the power of flight
and invisibility because sometimes you wish you
could just escape from all of the stress you
may encounter. Your athletic, adventurous, and
smart; whether its common sense of
academically. Your style is something beautiful
and unique, Kind of like a feather light meshy
top with a soft ribbon like belt.

Colors:light pink, powder blue, lavender, and white
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What mystical creature would be your ally? (Amazing Pics and Results!plz Vote!)
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