November 2nd, 2005


The Deep End And Beyond

Ok I must be clinically insane, for one thing I am now working two jobs and continuing to volunteer once a week, I am even thinking about working at the nursing home where I volunteer. The only problem is finding a way to balance all of this with school and homework, like today I forgot to do the home work that my tutor gave me. So I am going to have to see if I can do some window shopping online tomorrow before class.

Personally I think that the next thing me and my tutor should work on, besides cursive handwriting, is time management. My complete lack there of a sents of time can be a very bad thing when I have a lot of things to juggle and all of them half to be done with in the same day.

A few days ago in church I haled Lightning_Mousse hand in church, her hand felt so bonny in mine. I know that she has an eating disorder and I really want to do something to help her, but she doesn’t take me seriously. ;-; the last time that I tried to talk to her about this she pointed out that I don’t always eat vegetables, she doesn’t know it but I was so worried and upset by what she said that I when tot my room and cried.
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