November 5th, 2005


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You like the romantic type. He likes to take you
for walks on the beack and he buys you roses
and chocolates. Awww, how sweet!

What Type Of Anime Boy Do You Like?
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ok this is just creepy I got the same results as a friend of mine……oh well who doesn’t like a little romants?

Yesterday was so dark and gloomy that my motivation went out the window, about the only thing that I did was read some short stories.
Fast-forward today, I had to go though who knows how many news papers in order to work on my term paper. After that I read an article that talked about violets in G rated movies like Finding Nemo.
Anyway if I don’t hurry up I am going to miss This American Life on public radio (I wish my mom would let me get a Dell Lap Top, I have more then enough money for one. She won’t let me get one because Dell supports President Bush and she really doesn’t like him.)
Regarded of this, I will probably buy myself a Dell after I move back into the dormitory, I do believe that I can handle this and that living on campus will help me to bring my grads up in ways that I never could at home.
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