November 7th, 2005



The Top most Annoying Things That Customers Do

1. They take more napkins then they intend to use.
2. They track mud all over the flour.
3. They expect the news paper fairy to put the paper back where it belongs.
4. They almost never put the buster seat or highchairs back where they belong.
5. They almost never think to tell their children to sop putting their hands or mouths on the windows.
6. They never think to fill the trash can that isn’t close to over flowing.
7. They all seem to come at exactly the same time, when I am cleaning the parking lot, so that I have to stay over time just to get everything done.
8. They leave cigarettes in the parking lot along with their other trash.
9. Some of them leave their trays on the tables long after they have left.
10. There seems to be a messiest table contest!
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