November 8th, 2005


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Irish_Bridged is trying to teach me how to write in cursive. I don’t know how successful she is going to be or if I am even going to learn enough to write a complete sentence, however at least she believes in my abilities enough to try. ^_^ Today I learned how to make a’s and b’s in cursive, I am so proud of myself. Although I still think that the cursive b looks like a bra and the cursive a looks like a space ship O.o well at least I haven’t lost my imagination.

I am also paling on making time to read the Kalevala, it’s a book of Finish mythology. Thankfully there is a translation of the Kalevala availed on line so I can read about Kullervo, Lemminkainen, and others with out having to spend a dime. I know I know I know, it would be much better if I was able to buy a copy of the book, but at the moment I am trying to save up some money for a laptop and my own apartment.

The Kalevala
by Elias Lönnrot
Translated by John Martin Crawford
actually it would be more appropriate to credit Elias Lonnrot with girthing the stories in the Kalevala together, I don’t know very much about them and so far I have only been exposed to some of them, but lets face it these stories are very very old.

Kalevala – The Finnish National Epic

Anyway I was hoping to get some of my homework done tonight, so even though I would love to sit here and do some reading my homework isn’t going to do its self. So until so tomorrow or until something interesting happens to me, I am off.
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