November 11th, 2005


There Goes The Weekend. >-:

Normally I enjoy writing assignments, however it seems like the term paper for my Social Work Social Welfare class might be the most challenging paper that I have ever written. Basically I have been following three issues in the news drinking, the after math of the Iraqi war, and Hurricane Karenna. Mom wants me to finish the paper today and Sunday, so we will not be going to church on Sunday no we will be going on Saturday night.

I just don’t know what I am going to do, I managed to punch out a paragraph on under aged and over consumption of alcohol in American society and now my brain doesn’t seem to be good for very much. Maybe a walk will help to restore my brain functions, if it doesn’t I don’t know how I am going to fix this. The only good news is, is that I am almost done reading chapter 13 in my text book and my professor has already told the class not to read chapter 14, because it’s to long. ^_^

Anyway I found a very funny Inuyasha fanfic parity, all that I will say is that Narku runs a Fruit Cake factory and Kagome and Inuyasha are married! I plan on posting the link just as soon as I am able to find it again. Anyway I am going to take a walk and with any luck that will clear my head just enough for me to get some work done.
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