November 15th, 2005


I Love This Time Of Year!

It’s finally winter, a time for blizzards and dark sky’s above. Its also the season when I end up with some of my worded cases of depression, but that is dwarfed but the lovely weather and the knowledge that I am going to be seeing my brother, grandma B, and some other relatives soon. ^_^

There is nothing like spending a holyday, thanks giving, with family, even if it is my family. I can’t what to stay up late and hang out with the people that I love, especially my brother and grandma B.

In other news I have finally gotten my hand on the omnibus addition of The Hitch Hackers Glide to the Galaxies! This book has a total of 5 novels in it! So I will have something to do when everyone else is off skiing and grandma B is napping. I gave up skiing after not being able to do it for years because of my knees, and the fact that once I stared to sky again I couldn’t keep my balance for more then a few minuets.

And I am almost done with my term paper! I just have to add a few things from my text book and polish it up a bit! Yes life is good!

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