November 16th, 2005


Dreaming of Freedom

Its Wednesday my term paper isn’t done and its do tomorrow! Eeeeeeeeeep!
Scorch Con is going to be helled this weekend and I can’t what! No more home work blues only fun and games!

In other news I had a very strange dream, I was on campus and I couldn’t get into Dahl Hall! (One of the girl’s dormitories at MSUM) anyway I finely got into one of the buildings (that was under construction) and ended up walking around with some girl and talking with her something about a think tank that had apparently taken over MSUM.

You are Venus- goddess of love! You are passionate,
charismatic , and self assured . You have an
inner glow that attracts other people. You look
good pretty much all the time. You are known
for your look , but also wants to recognized
for your inner beauty as well. You delight
yourself in entertaining others and love
choreographing dances to your favorite songs
and dreams of being a singer or actress one
day. You love hanging out with your friends and
talking about everything. You can be a bit
boy-crazy and know haw to flirt.

Which Goddess are you?( WITH ANIME PICS!!!) and for ALL types of girls(7 results and girls only)
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