December 8th, 2005


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This morning when I was trying to do some things on line, my mom insisted on talking on the phone in the computer room! And when she was done she told my dad that I had been on all morning, so then I have to get off or be annoyed by mom and dad until I did get off line, then dad got online and did who knows what!

When he was online I got some other things done and finally got back online for a few minuets and then he had to look at something else. Not to soon after that I got back on to up date my live journal only to find out that mom had brought my little sister home form school to use the computer! For crying out lode they have computers at my sister school!

While she used the computer I went up stares and read some poetry, after I finally got back online mom insisted that I clean my room some time today! My room is clean enough, well by my standers. Then I asked her if she would leave me alone for 15 minuets, she gave me a look some where between stupidity and cloudlessness and basically said no!

For one thing I am not mad at anyone for kicking me off of the computer, no I am mad because I couldn’t get any privacy when I was online this morning and because everyone seems to have the incredible inability to leave me alone when I ask them to!

Instead of trying to fix the problem by driving me crazy and treating me like I enjoy yelling at them! I have got to get out of this house before I am 30 or better yet before I am 24! Don’t get me wrong I love all of them and I am going to miss my brother a lot when he goes to South Africa. I just wish that they would stop treating me like a kid and trying to fix everything their way.

I just don’t know what to do anymore, I could have gone to Barns & Noble with mom, but I am just to mad at her right now. Am I the one who doesn’t get it or is it them, I just feel so confused right now all that I really wanted to do was do some research for my stories, play a few games, check some things on NeonDragonArt, read some web comics, and up date my live journal. But now I just don’t know what I want, I took my medication this morning and all but I still feel a little down.

I know that I owe all of them an apology for the way I acted today; however I think that they all owe me an apology as well, but I know that they will not see it that way. Can’t they try to understand how hard it its for me when I can’t even get online to use the word processor for a few hours with out interruption or having people wondering in and out of the room or having to compete for computer time with people who have to get on right away when I am trying to do something? I know that what I do online isn’t important to any of them and they never seem to encourage me when it comes to my writing.

Ok now I just feel frustrated or maybe it’s more then that all that I want right now is to talk to one of my friends and almost none of them live with in walking distends of my family’s house.
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