December 15th, 2005


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After checking my grades today I have decided that I will not be going back to collage next semester or in the fall of 2006. It also looks like I will never be able to work at a nursing home, however I will still be able to work for the nuns, and if possible I plan on working more hours at Arby’s.I am still looking forward to getting a new laptop, however with the reality of my new situation starting to set in I am hoping to move out of my family’s house and getting a place of my own. This means setting money aside not only for a new laptop, cable TV, and Internet access, but also for more practical things like a down pay meant for the apartment, electricity, and other utilities, and rent.

I haven’t started to look at apartments yet; however I already know that I would like to live near a bus stop, my reason for this is too fold. First off I don’t want to be dependent on my mom every time that I want to go our and secondly I have found the MTA to be fairly reliable over the years. I also want to live two to three miles from work, any further and I don’t know how I would put up with walking during a North Dakota winter. It would also be nice if I could find a place with low rent that isn’t infested with crickets, termites, mouths, or any other pests.

But until I have the money for these activities I am looking forward to having more down time to work on my writing and to spend with my sister. Who knows I might even be able to crank out a first draft of one of my stories or master Dance Dance Revolution ^_^ either way I am sure that things will go well for me and some day God willing I do plan on going back to collage.
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