December 28th, 2005



Mom has been a where of my plains to attend the Christmas party with the nuns tomorrow, however mom and dad changed the date for when we where going to visit grandma and grandpa Storm. So now I have to tell the nuns that I will not be able to make it :( and I don’t want to do that.

I do want to see my grand parents, but I wish that I could see them on another day like Friday that way my family could spend the weekend with them. However there is nothing that I can do at this point being that I just found out this morning.

I love my family, but I also love the nuns. I want to ask mom to let me stay at the convent for the day, but I also want to see my grand parents I hate having to chose between them it really hurts. Grandma and grandpa are getting older and they might only have a few more years left in them so I should take advantage of every opportunity to see them. Most of the nuns, including most of the ones that I feel closest to are also old.

This whole thing just feels so unfair; sure I do get to see the nuns twice a week. But I normally only get to interact with two of them regularly and I would like the opportunity to take with the ones that I normally don’t get to have conversations with. Well hopefully they will have another Christmas party next year.
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