December 31st, 2005


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As another year comes to an end I can only wonder where I am going to accomplish. As a collage drop out I know that I am going to be living at home for a while and saving my money. Right now my greatest ambitions are to get a laptop computer so that I can surfer the internet, work on my stories (on a medium that doesn’t require rewriting them every time I make a change), and getting my own place (Hello high speed internet and cable TV! ^_^ )

But all of these things put together are going to be kind of expensive, so I have to keep working, hoping, and dreaming and making everything fall into place. After all I don’t want to live at home for the rest of my life, don’t get me wrong I love my family. However living with them could be equivalent to a one way ticket to the Funny Farm, and I have enough philological problems as it’s.

It seems as if my mom, dad, and little sister might be going to San Francisco some time next month and of cores I want to go as well. The thing is that no one thought to ask me and my dad decided to go at the last minuet so that not only are the plain tickets going to be expensive but fining a hotel is going to be very interesting. So I am guessing that this might give me a little time to spend alone with my brother before he goes to South Africa, at least which is what I am hoping for.

My brother has recently told me and the rest of the family that he is thinking about becoming a teacher. I know that he has some strange ideas about some things, tends to seem a bit egotistical, and is unwilling to talk to people abougth his grievances against the Catholic Church with a priest. Or for that mater take any one who disagrees with him seriously. However he is very smart and I belie that just as long as he doesn’t teach philosophy or religion or anything remotely related to either of these things that he will not do very much damage in the long run.So as always I have high hops for my brother, I also hope that he doesn’t do to much damage when he graduates from collage.I have also been spending a lot of time doing research on writing fantasy and Sci-Fi. Not to mention reading folklore and other related stories. I still have a lot to learn and am hoping that I can help myself to build up a background that will help me to develop my world, characters, and most importantly the stories themselves

Anyway I had better be going now; mom is going to be wanting my help to take some things over to our nabers house for the New Years part. So until next time, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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