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January 2nd, 2008

I am very Confused by this

I came across the Church of Blow on youtube and started watching. Even though I find what he has to say interesting, I am also disturbed. I don’t know if I should take this guy seriously or not, after all while this might make for good satire, I am afraid that he might be serous. He preaches religious tolerates, while saying that people out side his church will burn in Hell.

Did I mechion that he started his Church because a voce told him to? I find this rather frightening, I mean he could be hearing voices or it might be more then that. The voce wants him to save all of the people on youtube. I know that I will not be subscribing to his videos, he just sticks me as a very strange man.

But if you want an idea of what kind of churches are popping up, I recommend looking at a few of his videos. Trust me this guy doesn’t even strike me as being christen, Buddhist, or anything that I can categories, and that is after looking at his first 13 videos.

Cheek out video 15 Chutney, I don’t know if I should be fascinated or deeply concerned.

Tack a look at video 20 Brain-Washing, this is disturbing I don’t think he understands what brain washing is or maybe he understands it a little too well.

Video 42 also sticks me as being some what important for understanding his videos.

Right now my only reason for watching these videos is to attempt to figer out his agenda.

Also I am still watching the anime for Monster and plain on doing a follow up to my first review of the anime. With any luck I will have that up some time towards the middle of the month. I like this anime a lot and would like to finish it as soon as possible and watch it again.